Prof. (Dr.) Anil Arora

Dear Friends,

Welcome to 2023!!!!

Gradually we are coming out of Nightmare of COVID Pandemic. Gradually we are resuming normalcy. And so is academics. We are gradually moving towards physical academic meets rather than Webinars.

Delhi Orthopaedic Association has a long and vibrant history. Delhi is known as one of the Major Academic Hubs of the country. We have more than 1500 members and about 900 Orthopaedic Trainees in Delhi NCR. Academic Activities keep on happening quite frequently in the city. I think there is a great opportunity for everyone to learn from these academic activities. And for members and trainees to join these academic activities, it is must that we declare organized academic calendar of the year well in time, and each and every orthopaedician of the city gets the information of these academic activities for better participation. And hence dissemination of information is very important, which is not so difficult in this digital era. My motto for this year will be Connect: Communicate: Collective Learning: Camaraderie!!!

Undoubtedly DOA has made lot of progress in past years. Our journal (Journal of Clinical Orthopaedics and Trauma) has grown in leaps and bounds. It has made its presence felt on international arena. It has impact factor of 1.87.

But sky is the limit!!! Let us all together make an effort to take Delhi Orthopaedic Association to newer heights. Let us be more ‘Tech Savvy’ and ‘Digital’. Let us have an updated and Dynamic Website. Let us have better communication by digital methods. Let us have a fixed calendar for Academic Activities throughout the year. My predecessors have done yeoman service to DOA. I do have dreams to take DOA to newer heights. To fulfill my dreams of taking Delhi Orthopaedic Association to a National and International level I will need help of each and every one of you.

Thank you very much.

Dr. (Prof.) Anil Arora
President - Delhi Orthopaedic Association