DOA Fellowship

DOA is one of the most active Orthopaedic organizations which has more than 1000 active life members. It is a vibrant organization which focuses on academics,
research and social networking.

Heading Mark Maximum Marks
Postgraduate qualification Recognized qualification Ms (Ortho.)/ DNB

Other degrees MCh / FRCS/ PhD

3 mark each 1 mark each 10
Experience  Year after PG qualifications 1 mark year

Teaching experience as lecturer/ assistant prof.

Max. 7 marks Max. 3 marks

1 mark per year

Publications I. Indexed /IJO/JCOT5 marks per publication as main author

3 marks per publication as Co author


III.             Books

10 marks per book as main author

5 marks per book chapter as contributing author

3 marks per book chapter as co -author


Max 20 marks 




Max.10 marks



Papers/ presentations presented personally International conferences aboardIOACON/DOACON 5 marks per paper/ 3 marks per poster 

3 marks per paper / 2 mark per poster


Guest lectures/ Lectures at CME/ Workshops International conference aboard 


5 marks per lecture3 marks per lecture


Research projects completed  (Funding agency letter) 5 marks per completed project 10
Organizational  Convener or organizing secretary of  DOACON Annual Meeting/ MIDCON
Office bearer of IOA/ DOA/Speciality Organisations
3 marks / post held 2 marks/ post held 10