IOA President Theme - Strong Bones and Stronger Nation

DOA President's Theme - Connect, Communicate, Collective Growth

Date - 23rd July, 2023

Venue - Silver Oak Hall, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Organiser - Dr Shishir Rastogi/ Dr Sandeep Kumar

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Description - "DOA MIDCON 2023" was organised on Sunday 23rd July 2023 at Silver Oak Hall, India Habitat Centre. Many distinguished National faculty from different parts of the nation delivered lectures based on conference theme i.e. "ELBOW AND WRIST INJURIES".

S.No Speaker Lecture
1 Dr R K Manocha Intercondylar Humerus fractures: Current concepts/Tips and Tricks
2 Dr Vikas Gupta Distal Humerus Fractures (Non - union Malunions)
3 Dr Vivek Trikha Distal humerus with shaft of humerus fractures
4 Dr Smarth Mittal Coronal Shear injuries of distal humerus - tips and tricks
5 Dr karun Jain Discussion and Case Presentation
6 Dr Dhananjay Sabat Unstable complex Injuries of the elbow
7 Dr Pankaj Jindal Open Cubital fossa injuries
8 Dr Ritabh Kumar Radial Head Fractures: fix, excise, replace?
9 Dr Vinod Kumar Elbow arthroscopy (Indication & Management)
10 Dr Anil Aggarwal Discussion & Case Presentation
11 Dr Navin Thakkar Trans olecranon fracture dislocation
12 Dr Vikas Gupta Implant options in osteoporotic fractures: Fix or Replace
13 Dr Alok Sud Pediatric Supracondylar & Lateral condyle fracture Download PDF
14 Dr Lalit Maini Newer possibilities in elbow surgery
15 Dr Vikas Gupta Volar Rim fractures of distal radius
16 Dr Tahir Ansari Dorsal plating in distal radius is it required?
17 Dr Sudhir Kumar Complex distal radius fracture: tips and tricks
18 Dr Navin Thakkar Cost effective column specific fixation of distal radius fractures
19 Dr Pardeep Bageja, Dr Rizwan Khan Discussion & Case presentation
20 Dr P P Kotwal Chronic DRUJ injuries
21 Dr Vineet Dabas How not to miss DRUJ dislocation?
22 Dr Ravi Chauhan Paediatric wrist fractures
23 Dr Pankaj Jindal Perilunate fractures and dislocations
24 Dr Pankaj Jindal Damage due to implants & Instruments in their trajectory
25 Dr Tahir Ansari Scaphoid fractures: Current concepts
26 Dr Tahir Ansari Demonstration: Model based percutaneous fixation of scaphoid fractures