• Message From Secretary

Welcome to Delhi Orthopedic Association

Dear Member,

Seasons’ greetings from DOA.

We thank you all for entrusting us the honour and privilege to lead one of the most dynamic and prestigious Orthopaedic Association of the country.

The newly elected Executive Committee of Delhi Orthopaedic Association has assumed charge in this auspicious month. The team is committed to maintain the high standards set by its predecessors in the field of academics and research; and to explore the avenues of further improvement.

As a responsible association we have social obligations and commitments as well. There is a plan to start outreach programmes to educate the masses regarding the prevention of osteoporosis besides developing guidelines and policies for management of victims of road traffic accidents.

With the growing expectations and dissatisfaction of the patients towards medical professionals, it is imperative that efforts are made to regain the confidence of the society towards the medical fraternity and sensitise the medical professionals regarding the remedial measures.

We would need your cooperation and suggestions time and again to meet these agendas. There are more than 1000 members enrolled in the association. We request all of you to actively participate in the scientific presentations and contribute papers for publications in the Journal.

On behalf of Executive Committee of Delhi Orthopaedic Association we wish you very happy and prosperous Deepawali.


With warm regards.

Dr. Rajiv Jain                                                                                                                Dr. Lalit Maini

President DOA                                                                                                            Secretary DOA

DOA Office Bearers 2015-16


    Dr. Rajiv Jain

    Phone no: +91 9810144912

    E-mail: docrajivj@gmail.com

    President Elect

    Dr. Mukesh Kalra

    Phone no: +91 9599506769

    E-mail: mukesh_kalra@hotmail.com


    Dr. Lalit Maini

    Phone no: +91 9968604324

    E-mail: lalit_maini@rediffmail.com

    Past Secretary

    Dr. Dhananjay Gupta

    Phone no. +91 9810289777

    E-mail: djay.2007gupta@gmail.com

    Past President

    Dr. Anmol Maria

    Phone no: +91 9810027172

    E-mail: anmolmaria@gmail.com

    Vice President

    Dr Shrish Dutt Mishra

    Phone no: +91 9810488331, 9911229918

    E-mail: docshrish@gmail.com

    Joint Secretary

    Dr. Amitae Pankaj

    Phone no: +91 9811148080

    E-mail: amitepankaj@gmail.com

    Joint Secretary

    Dr. Shashank Mishra

    Phone no: +91 9958261606

    E-mail: shashank.misra@gmail.com

    Hon. Treasurer

    Dr. Hemant Sharma

    Phone no: +91 9560593042

    E-mail: hsharma70@yahoo.com

    Editor, J Clin Orthop Traum

    Dr (Prof) Raju Vaishya

    Phone no: +91 9810123331

    E-mail: raju.vaishya@gmail.com


    Dr. Hitesh Lal

    Phone no: +91 9810245906

    E-mail: drhiteshlall@gmail.com


    Dr. Puneet Mishra

    Phone no: 9868399696

    E-mail: puneetmishra@gmail.com

    Executive Members North Zone

    Dr. Atul Vaish

    Phone no: +91 9811221719

    E-mail: atul_ortho@rediffmail.com

    Exe. Mem North

    Dr Raju Easwaran, MS(ortho)

    Phone no: +91 9810127577

    E-mail: Contact@drraju.in

    Exe. Mem North

    Dr. Simon Thomas

    Phone no: +91 9810170017

    E-mail: simon_rac@yahoo.com

    Exe. Mem Central

    Dr. Barjinder Singh

    Phone no: +91 9811516383

    E-mail: barjinder1968@hotmail.com

    Exe. Mem Central

    Dr. Gulshan Kapoor

    Phone no: +91 9811115485

    E-mail: gulshann_kapoor@yahoo.com

    Exe. Mem West

    Dr. Harmesh Kapoor

    Phone no: +91 9810301850

    E-mail: harmesh_kapoor@yahoo.com

    Exe. Mem West

    Dr. Rajesh Lalchandani

    Phone no: +91 9810987514

    E-mail: rlalchandani@yahoo.com

    Exe. Mem South

    Dr. Vineet Jain

    Phone no: +91 9810324416

    E-mail: vineet.ortho@gmail.com

    Exe. Mem South

    Dr. Bhavuk Garg

    Phone no: +91 9899558021

    E-mail: drbhavukgarg@gmail.com

    Exe. Mem East

    Dr. Mohit Madan

    Phone no: +91 9910310198

    E-mail: drmohitmadan@gmail.com

    Exe. Mem East

    Dr. Manoj Goel

    Phone no: +91 9810116369

    E-mail: dr.manojgoel@yahoo.in


    Dr. GS Shukla

    Phone no: +91 9810060827

    E-mail: gyansagarshukla@gmail.com


    Dr. Neeraj Gupta

    Phone no: +91 9540501129

    E-mail: drsonugupta@rediffmail.com

    PG Co-ordinator

    Dr. Gurinder Bedi

    Phone no: +91 9871013795

    E-mail: gbedi2412@gmail.com