• Message From Secretary

Welcome to Delhi Orthopedic Association

Dear friends,

Associations like ours always have professionals from two generations in different stages of their career. Settled ones feel honour and pride is supreme while strugglers have other concerns. We are greatly influenced by their concerns and evolve as it is said that change is the only constant feature.

So here we are, showcasing the evolving face of DOA with our updated website.

Credit goes to the President, Dr Anmol Maria, Website coordinators Dr Barjinder Singh and Dr Raju Eswaran and Mr Atul Chaudhary.

Kindly visit it on daily basis, interact on forum and guide us how to improve it further. Your active participation can only take DOA ahead.  If you are not receiving DOA communiques, you need to update your contact details at the earliest. We may have to seriously consider continuance of names in the DOA roster without valid details like KYC.

Warm regards,

Dhananjay Gupta

Secretary, DOA

DOA Office Bearers 2015


    Dr. Anmol Maria

    Phone no: +91 9810027677

    E-mail: anmolmaria@gmail.com

    Hon. Secretary

    Dr. Dhananjay Gupta

    Phone no: +91 9810289777

    E-mail: djay.2007gupta@gmail.com

    Past President

    Dr. J. Maheshwari

    Phone no: +91 9811668866

    E-mail: drjmaheshwari@hotmail.com

    President Elect

    Dr. Rajiv Jain

    Phone no. +91 9810144912

    E-mail: docrajivj@gmail.com

    Vice President

    Dr. R.S. Vashishta

    Phone no: +91 9810060931

    E-mail: vashishtclinic@gmail.com

    Joint Secretary

    Dr. Vivek Trikha

    Phone no: +91 9868397123

    E-mail: vivektrikha@gmail.com

    Joint Secretary

    Dr. Shashank Mishra

    Phone no: +91 9958261606


    Hon. Treasurer

    Dr. Hemant Sharma

    Phone no: +91 9811221106

    E-mail: hsharma70@yahoo.com


    Dr. Lalit Maini

    Phone no: +91 9968604324

    E-mail: lalit_maini@rediffmail.com


    Dr. Hitesh Lal

    Phone no: +91 9810245906

    E-mail: drhiteshlal@yahoo.com


    Dr. Puneet Mishra

    Phone no: 9868399696

    E-mail: puneet_mishra123@yahoo.com

    Co-ordinator North Zone

    Dr. Atul Vaish

    Phone no: 9811221719

    E-mail: atul_ortho@rediffmail.com

    Exe. Mem North

    Dr Raju Easwaran

    Phone no: +91 9810127577

    E-mail: Contact@drraju.in

    Exe. Mem North

    Dr. Simon Thomas

    Phone no: +91 9810170017

    E-mail: simon_rac@yahoo.com

    Exe. Mem Central

    Dr. Barjinder Singh

    Phone no: +91 9811516383

    E-mail: barjinder1968@hotmail.com

    Exe. Mem Central

    Dr. Tankeswar Boruah

    Phone no: +91 9871986418

    E-mail: drboruaht@gmail.com

    Exe. Mem West

    Dr. Gopal Goel

    Phone no: +91 9810063271

    E-mail: goelgopal@hotmail.com

    Exe. Mem West

    Dr. Rajat Gupta

    Phone no: +91 9810162593

    E-mail: drrajatgupta@gmail.com

    Exe. Mem South

    Dr. Sandeep Singh

    Phone no: +91 9818504323

    E-mail: dr_san_singh@yahoo.com

    Exe. Mem South

    Dr. B.P. Sharma

    Phone no: +91 9810390601

    E-mail: sharmabp6@gmail.com

    Exe. Mem East

    Dr. Inder Ahuja

    Phone no: +91 9811116222

    E-mail: drinderahuja@yahoo.com

    Exe. Mem East

    Dr. Manoj Goel

    Phone no: +91 9810116369

    E-mail: dr.manojgoel@yahoo.in

    Exe. Mem NCR

    Dr. Rajeev Thukral

    Phone no: +91 9210994099

    E-mail: drrajivthukral@gmail.com

    Web Advisor

    Dr. Chandeep Singh

    Phone no: +91 9810561829

    E-mail: drchandeepsingh@gmail.com

    PG Teaching Co-ordinator

    Dr. Gurinder Bedi

    Phone no: +91 9871013795

    E-mail: gbedi2412@gmail.com