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Welcome to Delhi Orthopedic Association

Mirror mirror on the wall
See DOA academic calendar,so tall.

My dear friends its heartening to see DOA academic calendar expanding to cover all subspecialties and reaching to all India level.

This year total number of DOA events will reach into double figure with AIIMS Arthroplasty Course. With four more events before DOACON 2015 including an international event, we will take the tally to 15. A landmark achievement definitely while leaving 6 PG classes out of the list.

National Bone and Joint Day on 4th August was celebrated with a press conference to promote the IOA theme of “Road Safety Awareness” campaign. The coverage was extensive and delhites have been made aware of Delhi Orthopaedic Association existence.

DOA is proud of its members who make these events well attended, encouraging organisers and making their efforts count.

Let us make DOA stronger with your presence, ideas, suggestions and active participation in all the activities.

Looking forward to see you at AIIMS during Arthroplasty week and in September for DOA 3rd Quarterly Meet and MSK Oncology Symposium.

Dhananjay Gupta                                                                                                          Anmol Maria
Secretary, DOA                                                                                                            President, DOA

DOA Office Bearers 2015


    Dr. Anmol Maria

    Phone no: +91 9810027677

    E-mail: anmolmaria@gmail.com

    Hon. Secretary

    Dr. Dhananjay Gupta

    Phone no: +91 9810289777

    E-mail: djay.2007gupta@gmail.com

    Past President

    Dr. J. Maheshwari

    Phone no: +91 9811668866

    E-mail: drjmaheshwari@hotmail.com

    President Elect

    Dr. Rajiv Jain

    Phone no. +91 9810144912

    E-mail: docrajivj@gmail.com

    Vice President

    Dr. R.S. Vashishta

    Phone no: +91 9810060931

    E-mail: vashishtclinic@gmail.com

    Joint Secretary

    Dr. Vivek Trikha

    Phone no: +91 9868397123

    E-mail: vivektrikha@gmail.com

    Joint Secretary

    Dr. Shashank Mishra

    Phone no: +91 9958261606


    Hon. Treasurer

    Dr. Hemant Sharma

    Phone no: +91 9811221106

    E-mail: hsharma70@yahoo.com


    Dr. Lalit Maini

    Phone no: +91 9968604324

    E-mail: lalit_maini@rediffmail.com


    Dr. Hitesh Lal

    Phone no: +91 9810245906

    E-mail: drhiteshlal@yahoo.com


    Dr. Puneet Mishra

    Phone no: 9868399696

    E-mail: puneet_mishra123@yahoo.com

    Co-ordinator North Zone

    Dr. Atul Vaish

    Phone no: 9811221719

    E-mail: atul_ortho@rediffmail.com

    Exe. Mem North

    Dr Raju Easwaran

    Phone no: +91 9810127577

    E-mail: Contact@drraju.in

    Exe. Mem North

    Dr. Simon Thomas

    Phone no: +91 9810170017

    E-mail: simon_rac@yahoo.com

    Exe. Mem Central

    Dr. Barjinder Singh

    Phone no: +91 9811516383

    E-mail: barjinder1968@hotmail.com

    Exe. Mem Central

    Dr. Tankeswar Boruah

    Phone no: +91 9871986418

    E-mail: drboruaht@gmail.com

    Exe. Mem West

    Dr. Gopal Goel

    Phone no: +91 9810063271

    E-mail: goelgopal@hotmail.com

    Exe. Mem West

    Dr. Rajat Gupta

    Phone no: +91 9810162593

    E-mail: drrajatgupta@gmail.com

    Exe. Mem South

    Dr. Sandeep Singh

    Phone no: +91 9818504323

    E-mail: dr_san_singh@yahoo.com

    Exe. Mem South

    Dr. B.P. Sharma

    Phone no: +91 9810390601

    E-mail: sharmabp6@gmail.com

    Exe. Mem East

    Dr. Inder Ahuja

    Phone no: +91 9811116222

    E-mail: drinderahuja@yahoo.com

    Exe. Mem East

    Dr. Manoj Goel

    Phone no: +91 9810116369

    E-mail: dr.manojgoel@yahoo.in

    Exe. Mem NCR

    Dr. Rajeev Thukral

    Phone no: +91 9210994099

    E-mail: drrajivthukral@gmail.com

    Web Advisor

    Dr. Chandeep Singh

    Phone no: +91 9810561829

    E-mail: drchandeepsingh@gmail.com

    PG Teaching Co-ordinator

    Dr. Gurinder Bedi

    Phone no: +91 9871013795

    E-mail: gbedi2412@gmail.com