DOA Election 2019-20

Dear Friends

The list of successful Candidates and bids after the conclusion of Elections is as follows:

Name of Post Nominations Received
President Elect (One Post) Dr. Lalit Maini (M 014)
Vice President (One Post) Dr. Harmesh Kapoor (K 015)
E C Members (Two Posts)
North Zone
  • 1. Dr. Sameer Mehta (M 048)
  • 2. Dr. Palash Gupta (G 077)
E C Members (Two Posts)
South Zone
  • 1. Dr. Samarth Mittal (M 100)
  • 2. Dr. Maninder Shah Singh (S 105)
E C Members (Two Posts)
East Zone
  • 1. Dr. Shashank Misra (M 059)
  • 2. DrRehanUlHaq (R 039)
E C Members (Two Posts)
West Zone
  • 1. Dr. Samarjit Singh (S 162)
  • 2. Dr.Vineet Kumar Arora (A 059)
E C Members (Two Posts)
Central Zone
Dr. Rahul Khare (K 036)
E C Members (Two Posts)
NCR Zone
  • 1. Dr. Alok Sharma (S 034)
  • 2. Dr. Anuj Dhingra (D 022)


Sno. Events Bids Received
1 Annual Conference (DOACON 2020) Dr. Dhananjay Gupta
2 Mid Term Conference (MIDCON 2020) Jai Prakash Narayan Apex Trauma Centre (Dr. Vijay Sharma)
3 1st Quarterly Meeting Indian Spinal Injuries Centre (Dr. Ritabh Mittal)
4 2nd Quarterly Meeting ELECTED
Department Of Orthopaedics, Sir Gangaram Hospital (Dr. Pradeep Bageja)
5 3rd Quarterly Meeting East Delhi Orthopaedic Association (Dr. Shekhar Srivastav)

The above candidates are declared elected to Executive Committee of Delhi Orthopaedic Association and DOA Events are allotted to the successful bids.